With passage of Executive Order 13360 (October 2004), “Providing opportunities for Service-Disabled Veteran Businesses to increase their Federal Contracting and Subcontracting, Congress shifted away from the traditional role of trust oversight…” Bottom Line – Increase in Federal Contracting and Subcontracting Opportunities.

We will achieve our mission by partnering with “world-class”, “best-of-breed” solutions providers and manufacturers to deliver superior products and services that assist us in providing a total solution that truly supports an organization’s mission needs. We will provide a single resource for the procurement of various services, products, and training designed to fulfill diverse and changing requirements; with ease and speed! – “On Time” and “On Target;”

We will provide “proven” service solutions designed and priced to assist organizations’ in achieving success;

We WILL Do What We Said We’d Do, Every Time!


Our Philosophy:

  • Know our competition. Monitor their services and products
  • Out maneuver the competition by providing better quality service
  • Be flexible
  • We must build a tight bond between CSP MGT LLC and our clients; and nurture a continual interaction on matters of quality, service, immediate needs and future expectations


On business:

  • Constantly explore and develop new product lines
  • When it’s time, don’t hesitate to drop old product lines
  • Listen to our customers, then improve the product/service



On marketing:

  • Create our own market niche and strive to dominate it
  • Communicate with our clients on a regular basis
  • Build flexibility into the product or service to meet changing market demands


On financing:

  • Have financing in place to support our market strategies and avoid losing opportunities because funds are not available
  • Finance short term
  • Operate a “fair” incentive program


On development:

  • Train and develop staff to promote loyalty, the expectation of better performance and knowledge, and the realization that change is necessary for survival
  • Stay on top of modern technology, especially in the area of communications
  • Provide resources for training


On risk taking:

  • Be willing to take calculated risks and move quickly and decisively. The price of indecision is failure
  • Never risk more than our business assets can cover
  • Never risk personal or family happiness
  • Challenge the future, but be mindful of the past


Our Moral Agenda

CSP MGT LLC is in business to empowering the Small Business Entrepreneur with the necessary tools and knowledge to become a productive member of corporate America.

CSP MGT LLC maintains relationships with other small and disadvantaged business groups such as Service Disabled, Veteran, Minority, 8a, and Woman Owned Business. We use our advantage as a force multiplier to combine these companies and their expertise with our own abilities for the best solution and situation. We understand trust has to be earned and it is our most valued asset next to our people; we will do what we say every time!


Our Honorable Agenda

Successful organizations continue to refine and integrate their key-business processes deeper into their strategic value proposition to increase their performance. The design of results-driven processes that are exclusively focused on delivering superior customer value is the foundation of these business models. CSP MGT LLC will not waste valuable time with unnecessary analysis; we go straight to the core of any organization: How an organization creates value and represents the real work. We are a premier strategic consulting/process management consulting firm that meticulously applies the concepts of business process orientation, benchmarking and performance analysis to our solutions.